Have an ugly granite edge seam? Disguise it with decorator tape!
12/1/2017 Currently we are still in the process of obtaining the inventory for the stainless steel look tape and
custom decorator tapes for various granites. Please check back within a month or two to purchase the tape.

Finally a solution to cover up those ugly granite edge seams. DECORATOR TAPE!

stacked edge granite

Website Owner's Granite Story


My husband and I remodeled our kitchen and bathrooms, doing all of the work ourselves except for the granite.


I wanted "River White" granite for our kitchen since it would match our existing marble floors. For some reason there was a shortage and I couldn't find this granite anywhere. After a couple of weeks I finally found the "River White" 2CM granite which was 200 miles away. We were able to buy 2 slabs of it and had it delivered to a recommended fabricator. Since there would be extra granite left over, we decided to add granite to our two bathrooms.


After the fabricator installed the granite you could easily see some of the edge seams. This happened because the granite had a lot of visual movement that was going in different directions and by choosing a smoothed eased edge which amplified the seam. I wish we had known ahead of time that a mitered edge might have disguised the edge seams more.


Since we had paid for the granite ourselves, hired the fabricator separately, and used up every piece of granite on the kitchen and two bathroom, we had no recourse on redoing some of the granite seams. I really loved the granite, I just hated the edge seams.


Every time I walked into my kitchen, I saw the granite arrow movement seam to the left of my sink, and it drove me crazy. (See the granite seam picture above)


I started researching the Internet to figure out how to disguise the seams; of course I couldn't find an answer. I thought a decorative stainless steel of striping tape might work. In PhotoShop, I digitally drew out the tape on the bad granite seam and it looked like it might work.


I purchased a few rolls of silver type 1/4" tapes, but they didn't look good. I could not find the right kind of tape, I looked anywhere, just like the problems finding the "River White" granite. So after months of research and talking with several tape manufacturers, I finally found a high quality stainless steel style tape that covers over the ugly edge seams.


I installed the stainless steel style tape in the kitchen and it completely disguised the seams. The decorative tape covered over the worse granite seam to the left of my sink and looks great. My eyes are no longer drawn to the arrow movements.


I have received several compliments on the decorative tape before I even explain why it's on there.


See my kitchen pictures above and below.